Oakland Community College

Program Requirements and Expectations

Total length of time necessary to complete HPT courses is two semesters, fall and winter.

  • Theory classes are offered in the evenings and clinical experience is conducted during the day (16 hours per week in the fall term and 12 hours per week in the winter term.)
  • Clinical practice is supervised in the hospitals. Each student may be assigned to 2 different hospitals throughout the two semesters, if not employed by a hospital.
  • Students must follow dress codes as established by the hospital to which they are assigned. All hospitals require a short lab coat, which the student is to purchase.
  • Stringent policies are applied regarding theory and clinical grades. No student is permitted to continue in the program if a grade lower than "C" is received in any HPT course!
  • "Missed" clinical days must be made up at the clinical site where missed.

A mandatory drug screening and criminal history check, including fingerprints will be conducted on all students selected to the Hospital Pharmacy Technology Program prior to the start of the program, at the student’s expense. Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor will preclude eligibility for admission. For details contact the Program Coordinator at 248-233-2917. In addition, all selected students must have a drug screen test prior to the start of the program.