Oakland Community College

Approximate Program Costs

The below information represents an estimated cost for the 2014-2015 academic year. Please visit the following catalog page for current credit hour costs, fees and other college costs.

For current Oakland Community College tuition and fees, please visit this page.

Tuition Only:  The below tuition cost is estimated.

  • Certificate of Completion: $2832.84 in-district tuition for 36 credit hours (Includes BIO 1600 and other required supportive courses)
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree: $5036.16 in-district tuition for 64 credit hours (Includes all certificate and required general education courses)
Total Fees Certificate of Completion Degree
Lab Fees $210 $250
Registration Fees $100 $125
Technology Fees $40 $50

Other costs specific to this program include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Massage Supplies - lotion, sheets, program polo shirt: $100
  • Massage Table- $200-$400
  • Text Books- $400

For financial aid assistance, please see the Future Students section of the OCC website or contact an OCC Financial Aid Office.

To find out more about Massage Therapy at OCC, call 248.341.2229