Oakland Community College

Student Testimonials

Our graduates speak for themselves on the wide range of career opportunities that come with a medical-based program:

I am a Physical Therapist Assistant and I own my own massage business out of the home. The skills I have learned at OCC have helped me to be a more effective clinician in both inpatient and outpatient Physical Therapy settings. And the income I earn in my business has helped to pay for my children’s college costs!
- Joanne Peruzzi, NCTMB/OCC graduate

We have three OCC graduates working at The Massage Room, each impressing clients every day. People recognize quality and refer others to experience the same expertise.
- Cheryle Hopper, co-owner/ OCC graduate

It is one of the few programs that teaches you how to approach clients with different health conditions, not just for a regular massage. Learning human anatomy and medical terminology helped me secure a better job in the medical field.
- Farah Sheena , OCC graduate

OCC has opened a huge door for me and has given me the skills to be the best that I can be. Many of my clients come to me because I graduated from OCC.
- Mariea Seefried, Massage Therapist, Michigan Spine and Joint Center

Upon graduating from the OCC program, I was able to find work in a number of medical sectors. I’ve worked with disabled patients, patients with MS, diabetes and cancer. I also work as a complementary and alternative medicine therapist at Providence Hospital’s Assarian Cancer Center and as program coordinator for the healing arts department at the hospital. Having a college structured education gave me the credentials and confidence I needed to be accepted.
- James Tester, OCC graduate

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