Oakland Community College


The History Department of Oakland Community College offers a variety of interesting courses that satisfy the general education requirements for Associate degrees here at the college, and transfer to 4-year schools for Bachelor degrees.

The courses offered include the World Civilization, United States History and the African American History sequences, along with Michigan History, and the Special Topics courses, which follow one theme through an entire semester.

Among Topics covered recently are Ancient Greece as seen in popular media, The Sixties, and The Future. The History Department is currently a balance of experienced faculty of many years, with more recent additions who bring fresh perspectives to the classroom.

The discipline instructors include Anthony Baracco, Shawn Dry, Valerie Emanoil, Marilynn Kokoszka, John Mousty, Nancy Shockley, and Michael Vollbach, with emeritus professor Dan Piesko and many talented adjuncts.  The entire History faculty actively participates in the College and Campus Academic Senates, various planning groups and college committees. Nevertheless, this faculty sets a commitment towards student learning and attempts to improve delivery of instruction as its top priority.

We welcome you to enroll in our History courses. They are available throughout the five campuses of Oakland Community College.

How many of these historic figures can you name? Here is your chance to learn why they're important. (answer by moving mouse over the photos).