Oakland Community College

Why Learn German?


German Classes at OCC/RO

The German classes at OCC/RO offer a small seminar-type learning environment with a friendly class atmosphere and individual attention devoted to every student’s language development. There are no boring lectures but short presentations immediately followed by oral and/or written practice. Our communicative teaching method centers partner-and group work, whereby students begin to use the language from day one.

Using a variety of materials, our teaching techniques cater to the different learning styles, and focus on the development of the four skills pivotal to second language acquisition: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Instructors offer a great variety of supporting materials: the courses have an elaborate Blackboard site insuring constant communication, access to grades and materials, as well as detailed lesson plans and study guides for tests.

By taking German at OCC/RO, you will not only satisfy your language requirement and/or “gen-eds”, but you will also learn other skills crucial to succeeding in future studies and in professional life: information literacy, MLA-style, cultural competency, collaboration, individual research, recognizing and using your learning style, time management.


Student Testimonials


I have studied four foreign languages here at OCC and have had many, many teachers, most of which were very good or excellent. But by far the professors at Royal Oak are the best.  German was very difficult for me probably because I had never studied it before and maybe because I am an older student but both of these professors I had at Royal Oak were outstanding. I would strongly recommend either one of them for German at OCC.

Vivian Anderson, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology retired

Oakland Community College – Auburn Hills

GER 1530, Class of WI2009 and WI2010



Taking German at OCC has been one of the highlights of my education. I always looked forward to attending class and I met a lot of great friends. I have always loved the language and taking the class also allowed me to learn more of the culture. I plan on extending my German beyond OCC and I can't wait to learn more.

Going to class was always fun and the time flew by because we were always doing different activities. There were never any boring lectures and you got to converse with other people in class, in German of course. Watching movies was the best part! We got to see a little of what German culture looks like and it's always nice to change up class time to relax with movie.

Tara Wilson

Phi Theta Kappa

GER1510 and GER1530, Class of FA2009 and WI2010


I really enjoyed the German 1510 class that I took at OCC. My professor made an introduction to a new language easy and fun! I highly recommend this class to anyone wishing to learn German.


James Lucas

GER1510, Class of Fa2009


To put it simply (and this is a quote!), I had fun! Future students, I dare you to try not to. German here is so dynamic, and it helped me understand the language in new and exciting ways. But, hold on...This isn't just a language course; this is an intro to a study in culture. You're not just learning proper grammar and conjugation; you'll learn about living, trends, cinema, and more. I had the opportunity to really think about these things too, and explore them. I learned things about the German approach to film that I never expected I would from what is designated a Language Course.

Eric Bartsch

GER1510, Class of Wi2010


As an OCC student preparing to transfer into an education program at a four-year University, learning a foreign language is a necessity.  Our competitive, connected, global society today requires prospective teachers to make themselves as marketable as possible through study in diverse subjects and language studies.  Several factors drew me to the German language: a love for the culture (music, food/drink, films, opera, etc.), my own German heritage, and an affinity toward the language - which is a not too distant forbearer of our own.  What I found most helpful about OCC's approach to German was its emphasis on the exchange of information that is conversation.  Rather than memorizing table after table of vocabulary words, students interact with their professor and with other students through situations and dialogs which prepare the students for real life interaction in German.  The OCC German team have fueled my interest to the point that I will now be taking a fourth semester abroad in Germany with OU's Honor's College.  I would recommend learning the German language to anyone interested, but also to anyone not sure about which language class to take; because Deutsch is phonetic: the words sound similar to the way they look!


Daniel Brengel

GER1510, Class of Wi2010



Oakland Community College has been an excellent resource for me in my endeavor to expand my understanding of the German Language and European culture. Being able to communicate in the German language has opened so many doors for me professionally, socially and personally. Working in a HR department in the financial industry, I often am interviewing bilingual talent. OCC's language programs are top notch and at the top of my list when searching for such candidates.

Brett Nicholson

GER1510 and GER1530, Class of FA2009 and WI2010