Oakland Community College

Mathematics Department

Oakland Community College offers a wide range of classes in Mathematics from Arithmetic through Differential Equations.   Courses are offered in a variety of formats including lecture, computer lab, augmented, and on-line.  Please note that each class has a prerequisite that must be met prior to enrollment in the course. Click on the Catalog of Classes link to see a complete list of offerings from our course catalog.  Click on the Schedule of Classes link to see which of these classes are being offered this semester. Click on the Math Flowchart link to see how mathematics courses at OCC are linked by course number.

Placement:   If you are a new student, click here. Students with a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and students attending OCC on an official guest application from another institution are exempt from placement testing.  Other students registering for a math course must either have a prerequisite course or a COMPASS Mathematics Placement Test score or ACT score to use for placement.  If you have earned credit for a math class at OCC in the past, you can enroll in that same class again without taking a placement test.  If you have tried to register for a math course but are not successful, click on the Math registration problems link for help.  A practice test for COMPASS and more information is available under the Math Practice Test link.  Please contact the ASC (Academic Support Center) on campus for an appointment to take the COMPASS test.

Appeal:  Appeal is for students who wish to have their placement reviewed. Those students that have taken the COMPASS Math Placement test twice and have spoken with their counselor regarding placement into math courses, can contact the math department chair at their campus to appeal.

Oakland Community College has four main campuses.  Contact information for each campus is listed below or click on the links at left.

Campus Department Chair Phone Number
Auburn Hills Janet Peart 248.232.4451
Highland Lakes Emily McAllister 248.942.3159
Orchard Ridge Brian Shaw 248.522.3647
Royal Oak / Southfield Godson Nasari 248.246.2677

Textbooks:  Each campus selects the textbooks that are used for classes in the sequence below Calculus.  Please contact the bookstore on campus for complete information.  For those beginning the Calculus classes, the college uses  Calculus - Early Transcendental Functions Fifth Edition by Larson, Hostetler and Edwards.

Calculators:  Graphing calculators are required for some courses.  Refer to the schedule of classes for information about a certain class. TI-89 and other models with similar advanced functions are not allowed when taking quizzes and examinations.  If any calculator has advanced functions installed, it will not be allowed during tests and quizzes.

Math Club:  If you enjoy math, inquire at your campus about our Math Club.  Interested students compete in a national competition sponsored by the American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC).  The students answer questions twice per school year (October and February) to earn points.  As a result of the competition, those students that score well and meet the requirements are awarded scholarship monies.  Join us!