July 30, 2012
OCC Bans Smoking on All College Property

Oakland Community College has joined the growing ranks of colleges and universities across the nation that are banning smoking on their campuses.  Beginning September 1, the use of all tobacco products will be barred on OCC property.


The prohibition, passed by OCC’s Board of Trustees at its March 20 meeting, forbids the use of cigars, cigarettes, pipes, as well as chewing tobacco and snuff.  So-called electronic cigarettes are still permitted.


“The board’s purpose in initiating the policy responds to frequently expressed complaints by students and employees regarding second hand smoke, as well as our concern for the health and well-being of all who attend, work at, or visit the college,” said OCC Chancellor Timothy R. Meyer.  “An additional benefit is the elimination of litter associated with smoking,” Meyer added.


Students, college personnel and visitors will be held responsible for observing the new policy.  Violators will be told to stop and infractions may lead to disciplinary action for students and staff.


A communications campaign to make the college community aware of the new policy has begun.  Members of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for community college students with chapters on all OCC campuses, will also participate in the campaign as one of the group’s public service projects.


With five campuses located throughout Oakland County, OCC is the largest of Michigan’s community colleges and the 21st largest in the nation.  OCC offers degrees and certificates in more than 160 fields including university transfer and general studies degrees.

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