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Biological Sciences at Orchard Ridge

A wide range of Biology courses are offered at the Orchard Ridge Campus. Whether you are majoring in science, going into a health related field or fulfilling a graduation requirement, there is a course for you. Non-science majors may want to consider Environmental Science or Life Science. Students majoring in science should look at Biology I:  Molecular and Cellular, Biology II:  Biodiversity and Ecology, Zoology, Genetics, or Microbiology.  Students majoring in one of the health related fields should refer to the OCC catalog for program requirements when selecting classes.  We offer several courses required for various health fields such as Human Structure and Function, Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology of Health and Disease or Microbiology.

Visit the OCC Catalog to see a complete list of offerings and course descriptions. Click on the FAQ link to read the answers to frequently asked questions. Click on the Schedule of Classes link to see which of these classes are being offered this semester.

Biology News

Biology Proficiency Test:  BIO 1570 and BIO 2630 have a prerequisite:  “Satisfactory score on the Biology Proficiency Test or a grade of "C" or better in BIO 1511 or BIO 1530 (or equivalent college transfer course) within the last 5 years.”  If you are interested in taking the test, click on this link for more information.

BIO 1512 - Biology of Global HealthTo learn more about this new course, click on the link.

BIO 1560 -  Biology II:  Biodiversity and Ecology  To learn more about this course, click on the link.