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Biology News

BIO 1512 - Biology of Global Health

The Biology of Global Health will introduce you to the basic principles of public health and then explore major challenges in public health around the world today. The course will focus on the biological background of malaria, AIDS, polio, vaccination programs, nutrition, clean water and sewage treatment, maternal and infant mortality, antibiotic resistance, and other critical issues.  For additional information see the OCC Catalog Description or email J. Seiter , Ph.D., at jaseiter@oaklandcc.edu.  Offered once a  year at Orchard Ridge.


BIO 1560 - Biology II: Biodiversity and Ecology

This class explores how evolutionary adaptation and ecology contributed to the diversity of life on Earth.  The study of bacteria, protista, and fungi reveal the interconnections between organisms.  Discover how plants and animals adapted to life on land.  Topics of interest for the terrestrial plants include:  the development of roots, stems, and leaves; the significance of pollen, seeds, flowers, and fruit.  The survey of the animal kingdom along with comparative animal dissections, will trace the development of organs, organ systems, and physiology. This course satisfies the General Education requirement of a science course with a laboratory.  For additional information see  OCC Catalog Description or contact D. Edford at dmedford@oaklandcc.edu .

If you are taking this course at the Orchard Ridge Campus, please be aware of the following:

  • Required labs include:  field trips and animal dissection

  • A textbook is required.  If you have completed BIO 1530 and possess a complete version of the text, KEEP THE BOOK.  BIO 1560 covers the chapters in the second half the textbook.  If you have any questions regarding textbooks for BIO 1560 taught at the Orchard Ridge campus contact the email listed above.

  • This course satisfies the General Education requirement of a science course with a laboratory.


BIO 2540 - General Zoology

The course will explore representative protozoa and members of the animal kingdom, emphasizing their metabolism, anatomical structure and function, reproduction and development, evolution, diversity and ecology. This can be an excellent course for students who need 2 semesters of biology -laboratory science and are interested in the animal kingdom and protozoans.  The course is offered once a year at Orchard Ridge, usually in the Winter.  For additional information see OCC Catalog Description or contact E. Drumm at eadrumm@oaklandcc.edu .