Focus on the Hallmarks

Phi Theta Kappa has four Hallmarks: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship. Planning activities around the Hallmarks will make your chapter a valuable asset to your college.

If your chapter wants to be competitive in Phi Theta Kappa’s Hallmark Awards Program, your chapter should plan a comprehensive program that incorporates the four Hallmarks. Comprehensive means that your activities reach your chapter members, your campus, your community, and your region or beyond.

The Scholarship Hallmark promotes intellectual activities primarily devoted to study, research and implementation of the Honors Study Topic, and incorporates Phi Theta Kappa’s primary mission of recognizing academic excellence.

The Leadership Hallmark promotes leadership development by providing resources to prepare members to assume positions of responsibility within Phi Theta Kappa, on their campuses and in their communities, and in the broader civic arena.

The Service Hallmark promotes civic engagement, mainly through participation in an International Service Program, a partnership with an established agency that allows chapters and members to make a difference by focusing on a shared objective.

The Fellowship Hallmark promotes scholarly camaraderie by engaging scholars and servant leaders from widely diverse circumstances in the Phi Theta Kappa Experience.