Alpha Omicron Xi Officers 2011-2012

Sue Larabell

Vice President of Leadership
Vice President of Service
Kelsey Dovico

Hello! My name is Kelsey. I am a sophomore at Oakland Commuinty College, persuing an Associate's degree in Liberal Arts. I joined Phi Theta Kappa one year ago, and was elected as VP of Service this summer. I joined Phi Theta Kappa because the opportunities for academic challenge and volunteerism abound! Too, I have learned so much about what makes for an effective, motivating, compassionate leader - the type of leader I am striving to become. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is truly a testament of character, and I am honored to serve through this organization.
Vice President of Scholarship
Vice President of Fellowship
Recording Secretary
Vinswella Sandridge

As a Phi Theta Kappa member I am able to give back in many ways. One of the ways I am able to accomplish that goal is through my personal example of achievements. It is my heart’s desire to show my fellow colleagues that they too can achieve any goal even with working a full-time job, married and with children. Not focusing on the things that looked impossible, but knowing that all things are possible to those that Believe!
“Excellence, Leadership, Development, Fellowship and Service”…. is the reason I became a Phi Theta Kappa member.
Communications Director/Treasurer
Gabriela Decu

I am a Business major student and I will be graduating from OCC in June 2012. I will then transfer to Michigan University to follow my dream of becoming a successful business woman some day. Initially, I joined PTK because of the great scholarships prospect it had to offer, but then I realized that it is so much more to it than the scholarships. Being a part of the Honor Society has been extremely rewarding to me, it offered me the opportunity to learn valuable leadership and communication skills, and most important of all, it gave me the chance to work with the best. I have enjoyed every moment of it! I believe that perseverance, dedication, and determination are what an Honor Society represents and I encourage you to look forward in becoming the image of such society. There is no limit to what one person can achieve and Phi Theta Kappa is the place where you can achieve your dream!