Oakland Community College

The Paralegal Associates Degree Program

Students who have not already obtained their earned a bachelor's degree may earn an associates degree in the Paralegal Program.

Earn your Associate's Degree in Paralegal and:

  • Get to Work as a Paralegal.  You can begin your career immediately upon graduation.  Remember to ask about our career assistance services.
  • Transfer and Complete Your Bachelor's Degree.  Remember to ask about our transfer agreements with Eastern Michigan University and Madonna University which allow you to complete your bachelor's in 1 additional year.
  • Go on to Law School.  While most law schools require a bachelor's degree, the practical legal education from our paralegal program will give you marketable skills that surpass any other pre-law major.

NOTE: Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a college counselor during their first term to prepare a plan of study which meets the general education requirements for all associates degrees.

Required Supportive Courses:

In order to be admitted to the paralegal program, you must first complete these required supportive courses and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA in these courses:

  1. English Composition I - ENG 1510 - 3 credits

  2. English Composition II - ENG 1520 - 3 credits

  3. Interpersonal Communication - SPE 1290 - 3 credits or Foundations of Speech - SPE 1610 - 3 credits

  4. Personal Computer Productivity Tools - CIS 1050 - 4 credits

  5. Business Law 1 - BUS 2030 - 3 credits

  6. Business Law 2 - BUS 2040 - 3 credits

 Once these courses are complete, the student should apply for admission to the paralegal program.  Students who have completed courses A-E above may apply for early admission if they are registered for Business Law 2 - BUS 2040 in the term of admission.

Major Requirements for the Paralegal Program:

The Paralegal Associates Major contains six core courses, one elective, and three supporting courses over three terms in a specific sequence.  Those not able to attend full time may follow the same sequence at an appropriate pace for their own schedule. 

  1. First Semester Courses:

    1. Legal Research 1 - PLG 2100 - 3 credits

    2. Substantive Law - PLG 2130 - 4 credits

  2. Second Semester Courses

    1. Legal Research 2 - PLG 2120 - 4 credits

    2. Litigation - PLG 2110 - 4 credits

  3. Third Semester Course

    1. Trial Preparation - PLG 2140 - 3 credits

  4. Core Courses which may be taken in any semester after admission

    1. Legal Ethics - PLG 2160 - 2 credits

    2. Special Topics Elective - 2 credits

also, a minimum of 21 credits of additional general elective/education courses must be taken any time before graduation.

The program recommends students fulfill part of this requirement through a Paralegal Internship, additional Special Topics Courses, and/or a Medical Terminology Course.