Raider One Card

Raider One Card

The Raider One Card is an all-in-one card:

  • Student ID
  • Library Card
  • Copy/Print
  • Raiders Store Purchases
  • Student Refunds*

OCC students are required to have a Raider One Card. There are two ways to obtain yours:

  • Submit a recent photo of yourself online to receive your card in the mail or pick it up on campus.
  • Visit the Raiders Store to have your photo taken for your Raider One Card.

Raider One card Student Reminders

  • Your Raider One Card holds your personal information. Treat it as you would any other important card, especially if you are an Enhanced Raider One cardholder.
  • Avoid allowing other students access to your card.
  • Add funds to your card prior to exam times to avoid copy and printing delays.
  • OCC staff does not have access to your Enhanced Raider One account information.

Replacement Cards

Replacement cards cost $10.00. Visit any campus Cashier/Business Office to pay the fee and have a replacement card mailed to your current address on file within 5-7 business days. Or, it can be picked up on campus.


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