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Residency status is initially determined at the time of processing the application. Non-U.S. citizens will be assessed the out of state/international tuition until status is proven to qualify for another tuition category. This activity precedes registration. If the status must be changed, this adjustment can be made at any campus Enrollment Services Office with proper documentation.

Students are responsible for maintaining a current mailing address on file with the college.

Tuition Rate Determination

  1. Persons eligible for in-district tuition rates are:
    1. Persons (U.S. citizens and permanent residents) living in the College District at the beginning of the semester for which they register.
    2. Persons, regardless of visa status, who own property in the district on which taxes have been paid.
  2. Tuition rate categories are set at the time of the processing of the application. However, students may adjust, with appropriate documentation (see Proof of Residency, on this page), their status through the FIFTH business day of the current semester. Changes made after that time will be effective the following term.
  3. A student's residency status is determined by the circumstances of the student and not those of the student’s parents or spouse.
  4. Non-immigrants pay out-of-state/foreign rates unless they can demonstrate that they own property in the district on which taxes have been paid.

Proof of Residency

It is the responsibility of the student to fully comply with the following regulation for documenting residency. The lack of complete documentation, as requested, opens the possibility of the assignment of a residency category with an attached tuition schedule which is higher than may have been assigned with proper and complete documentation. Paperwork must be submitted to the Enrollment Services Department for processing.

For U.S. citizens and permanent residents, OCC requires the presentation of at least, but not limited to, one of the following to verify residency:

  1. Driver’s License or Secretary of State Personal Identification Card reflecting the current address of the bearer.
  2. Voter Registration Card reflecting the current address of the holder.
  3. Current property tax receipt for the place of residence.
  4. Current lease agreement for the place of residence.

Permanent residents must also present their resident alien card or passport in addition to the residency proof.

A dependent student presenting documentation that bears the name of the person upon whom dependent must present satisfactory documentation of the dependency relationship.

Non-immigrants must show a current paid property tax receipt verifying themselves or, if a dependent student, the person upon whom dependent as a property owner to establish in-district or out-of-district rate eligibility. This documentation must be provided when applying for admission with re-verification required each year.

Students who use a P.O. Box as their mailing address must re-verify residency each year to determine proper tuition rate.

If you have questions regarding your residency status, please contact the Enrollment Services Office at any campus. (Please refer to the Campus Directory.)

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