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What else should I know about the Service Learning option?

There are two service learning options:

  1. Class Component - Perform service learning that your instructor requires as a component for his/her class or offers for extra credit (see your class syllabus for more information on the service learning requirement for the course).  Download and complete the following form and give it to your instructor:  Service Learning Assumption of Risk, Release, and Waiver Form.
  2. Individual Opportunities - Take the SRV 1100 Service Learning elective.

Begin this option by browsing our Service Learning Database for SRV 1100 and selecting a project related to a class you are taking or have taken within the past academic year.

The SRV 1100 Service Learning elective requires students to work at a college-approved community partner site. It also requires careful documentation of the project plan, the instructor’s consent, and other materials so that the student can be awarded one credit hour and a grade for the service performed.

Download the following forms and documents, and follow the procedures outlined in the Student Checklist.  Complete the forms and see the instructor you select to supervise your project.

Service Learning SRV 1100 Student Checklist
Student Service Learning Plan and Agreement
Service Learning Project Evaluation Form for SRV 1100 Students
Service Learning Time Sheet
Service Learning Student Information Form
Service Learning Assumption of Risk, Release, and Waiver Form

You may register for SRV 1100 at any time but must complete the 15-hour work requirement during the semester in which you register for the course. 

For questions about this option, contact the Auburn Hills President’s Office at eagreen@oaklandcc.edu or 248.232.4500.