Oakland Community College
@ Auburn Hills

What is Student LIFE?

“Get a LIFE!”

Consider it a new rallying cry for a new school year.  “Whaddya mean, ‘Get a LIFE!’” you’re bound to ask, “Where would I put it?”  You’re taking five classes, working evenings and most weekends, volunteering at the hospital and, somewhere in there, spending time with your family.  Still, there’s those Tuesday afternoons between Comp I and Spanish, and it’s always good to unwind on Fridays…

Student Life Then:

In 1755, Harvard University published a code of conduct for its scholars.  The school suggested that in order to live the fit life of an academic, students must “behave themselves blamelessly, leading sober, righteous and godly lives.”  They were warned that there would be no “leaning at prayers,” and no lying, blasphemy, fornication, drunkenness, or picking locks.  Meals at Harvard typically consisted of a serving of mutton, Indian pudding, and a cup of cider (and that was breakfast).  Students were required to supply their own knives and forks.  Days began at dawn and ended at dusk, and were meant to be filled with lectures and quiet study and contemplation.  Such was college student life in early America.

And Student Life Now:

We’ve come a long way from the drafty halls of colonial Harvard.  Student life is still about learning—classes and studying remain at the center of the educational experience.  But students today, especially at community colleges, must balance complicated schedules that include not only classes, but also jobs, families and a variety of off-campus pursuits.  Somewhere in all that, you’d also like to have a little fun, right?

This year, the OCC Auburn Hills campus invites you to “Get a LIFE!” by participating, as much as you like, and as often as you have the time to, in activities, events and organizations that suit your needs and fit your schedule.  Campus faculty and staff are busy creating opportunities that will enhance your educational experience at OCC and encourage:

  • Academic and Professional Preparation
  • Personal and Physical Development
  • Social and Cultural Enrichment
  • Leadership Development

And, of course, we would appreciate hearing from you. Student LIFE means Leadership - Innovation - Fun - Engagement. How can we help you reach your goals in each of these areas?  Explore this web site, look around the campus for experiences that interest you, talk to faculty and staff and let us know.

Get yourself a LIFE!  And have a successful school year.