Student Clubs @ Orchard Ridge

Below is a listing of current clubs housed here at Orchard Ridge. Students interested in starting a new club click here to download and review materials necessary to form groups.  Contact Orchard Ridge Student Life office at 248-522-3595 - located in the lower level of J-building (J-153A).

Forensics Club:
Advisor: Carole Bennett
Position: Faculty
Phone: 248-522-3692
Department: Communications/Humanities

French Club:
Advisor: Kathryn Stewart
Position: Faculty
Phone: 248-522-3678
Department: Humanities

Gamers Association:
Advisor:  William Schanerberger
Position:  Faculty
Phone:    248-522-3560 
Department:  CIS

Utmost to the Highest
Advisor: Richard Lee
Position: Paraprofessional
Phone: 248-522-3654
Department: Physical Sciences
Description: Are you a seasoned follower of Jesus the Christ? Are you just beginning to walk in the Lord? Are you in need of a pick me up, fellowship or do you need your iron sharpened by your brothers and sisters in the Lord?  Are you seeking spiritual things? Whatever your inquiry may be, the brethren of Utmost to the Highest are here for you in sincerity, fruit and truth.  Meeting times and places will vary, but you can always stay up to date via our Facebook group page, Utmost to the Highest. May the Lord Jesus bless you.

Hope on Campus
Advisor: Anthony Thomas
Position: Counselor
Phone: 248-522-3457
Department: Counseling

Man Up OCC
Advisor: Anthony Thomas
Position: Counselor
Phone: 248-522-3457
Department: Counseling
Description: We shall strive for excellence, live with integrity, and stand up as men for a purpose. We place our feet down and stand up for our future and to uphold the full advantage and resources we have been awarded at OCC to bring out the leadership within.

Jewish Student Organization (JSO)
Advisor: Rhonda Brown
Position: Counselor
Department: Counseling

The Damned Spot Theatre Club
Advisor: Dennis North
Position: Teaching Faculty - Theatre
Phone: 248-52-3636
Department: Fine and Performing Arts

Phi Theta Kappa
Advisor: Karen Johnson
Position: Interim Coordinator of Student Development
Phone: 248-522-3595
Department: Student LIFE

Our Cultures Connect
Advisor: Nancy Nicholson
Position: International Student Advisor
Phone: 248-522-3639
Department: International Student Office

Oakland Music Network (OMN)
Advisor: Tom Dennis (2013-2014)
Position: Faculty
Phone: 248-522-3681
Department: Art & Music
Description: The mission of Oakland Music Network (OMN) is for its members to share skills, educate themselves and their peers, and to create an avenue for gaining professional exposure. It is a venue organizer for artists and musicians to share their creative musical ideas. We want to help you develop your skills, make new connections and showcase your music whether you're an amateur or a professional act.  In summary, OMN is a "Social Network of Music" spliced with the concert experience representing serious musicians of all kinds.

Woman 2 Woman
Advisor: Bridgette Johnson
Position:  Teaching Faculty – Sociology
Phone:  248-522-3551
Department: Psychology/Behavioral Sciences
Description: We will provide a platform that will encourage bonding and breaking down cultural barriers as well as an opportunity for women to share their stories and hopefully help someone else. We want these young women to know that they are not alone. We will use mentoring opportunities to help get our young women focused on achieving their dreams.  We will encourage each woman to become involved in and give back to the community. We hope these opportunities will help these young women appreciate the things that they have, build their character, self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as, respect and love for others and for oneself.

Karen Johnson
Interim Coordinator of Student Development
Oakland Community College
Orchard Ridge Campus, J-184
Phone: 248.522.3595