T. Hendricks

Business and Information Technologies
Thomas Hendricks
Phone:  248.233.2812
Email: tmhendri@oaklandcc.edu

Dean Hendricks' Profile

Title: Dean of Business and Information Technologies

Area of Expertise: Accounting, Business, Computer Information Systems (CIS classes), Economics, Marketing and Paralegal

What I love about OCC: OCC has very talented faculty. I love OCC for the family type of camaraderie and collaboration

Hidden talent: Dog Rescuer. Have a poodle mix named Rufus and a Terrier mix named Artie. Both rescued and they are the best dogs we have ever had.

Campus location: Southfield Campus

B. Stanbrough

College Readiness
Beverly Stanbrough
Phone:  248.522.3811
Email: bjstanbr@oaklandcc.edu


Dean Stanbrough's Profile

Title: Dean of College Readiness

Area of Expertise: New Student Orientation, Counseling Resources, College Placement, Community Partnerships, College Readiness, Guided Pathways Mentoring for Community Colleges, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

What I love about OCC: Providing “HOPE” for the students and staff who enter our doors to meet their educational goals. My most favorite part of what we do is attending graduation ceremonies. The excitement and accomplishments of those students warm my heart.

Hidden talent: Being the BEST Grandmother ever!! Home and gardening DIY projects; gathering with family and friends.

Campus location: Orchard Ridge Campus

C. Carbone

Communication, Arts and Humanities
Cindy Carbone
Phone:  248.246.2512
Email: clcarbon@oaklandcc.edu

Dean Carbone's Profile

Title: Dean of Communication, Arts and Humanities

Area of Expertise: Faculty Academy and Development, Assessment, HLC Argument Writer, Student Success, Broad knowledge of higher education institutions in the Midwest; Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

What I love about OCC: Working with expert faculty and colleagues who love to teach and mentor students, developing new faculty to stretch themselves, and encouraging students to seek new opportunities for success

Hidden talent: Avid crafter and gardener

Campus location: RO Deans Suite, OR Deans Suite

Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.

K. LeBlanc

Distance Education
Kayla LeBlanc
Phone:  248.232.4826
Email: ksleblan@oaklandcc.edu


Dean LeBlanc's Profile 

Title: Dean of Academic Technologies | Academic Technology Group

Area of Expertise: Teaching and Learning with Technology, Academic Technology Media Studio, Distance Learning, Instructional Design, Online Learning Readiness, Faculty Training

What I love about OCC: The OCC community is truly comprised of talented and caring people who are dedicated to the helping our students reach their goals

Hidden talent: I enjoy taking on large home remodel and landscaping projects

Campus location: Auburn Hills Campus


Health Sciences
Lynn M. Cherry DNP,RN,NPD-BC
Phone:   248.942.3337
Email: lmcherryoaklandcc.edu

Dean Cherry's Profile

Title: Interim Dean of Health Professions

Area of Expertise

What I love about OCC: 

Hidden talent

Campus location: Highland Lakes

M. Sheble

Learning Resources
Mary Ann Sheble
Phone:  248.232.4512
Email: masheble@oaklandcc.edu


Dean Sheble's Profile

Title: Dean of Learning Resources

Area of Expertise: Disability services, tutoring, testing, library processes and technology

What I love about OCC: Managers, and staff who find innovative ways of helping students reach their full academic potential.

Hidden talent: Old house renovation (semi) expert, avid reader, gardener

Campus location: Auburn Hills Campus

K. Williams

Mathematics & Sciences
Kenneth Williams
Phone:  248.232.4210
Email: kmwillia@oaklandcc.edu


Dean Williams' Profile

Title: Dean of Mathematics/Sciences

Area of Expertise: Mathematics Education, Mathematical Problem Solving, Curriculum and Assessment, Higher Education Leadership

What I love about OCC: I love the diverse backgrounds that students, faculty, and staff bring to OCC, and I enjoy hearing all of their stories. I believe that OCC is a jewel in Oakland County, offering excellent instruction and opportunities for students to begin and pursue any educational path they choose

Hidden talent: I enjoy playing team sports (softball and basketball), reading mysteries and nonfiction, and traveling with my family

Campus location: Auburn Hills

D. Ceci

Public Services
David Ceci
Phone:  248.232.4224
Email: dfceci@oaklandcc.edu


Dean Ceci's Profile

Title: Dean of Public Services and Director of Law Enforcement Training

Area of Expertise: Law Enforcement, Use of Force, Interviewing and Interrogation Skills, De-escalation skills, Title IX Investigations

What I love about OCC: Working with the students to help them achieve their dreams of a career in public service

Campus location: Auburn Hills Campus

K. Bratton

Social Sciences
Kevin Bratton
Phone:  248.341.2053
Email: kmbratto@oaklandcc.edu


Dean Bratton's Profile 

Title: Dean of Social Sciences

Disciplines: MAT, ANT, GEO, GLS, MHA, ECE, POL, PSY and SOC

Area of Expertise: Scheduling, Problem Solving , Team Building, and Conflict Resolution

What I love about OCC: Working with expert faculty who love to teach and engage with students

Hidden talent: Dog Rescuer, Avid Reader of Historic Fiction

Campus location: Highland Lakes, Woodland Hall

Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.

M. Thomas

Teaching Excellence
Marc Thomas
Phone:  248.522.3834
Email: mothomas@oaklandcc.edu


Dean Thomas' Profile 

Title: Dean of Teaching Excellence

Area of Expertise: Experiential Learning, High-Impact Teaching Practices, Global Education

What I love about OCC: The creative energy and commitment to continuous improvement from OCC students and faculty

Hidden talent: Photography

Campus location: Orchard Ridge


Engineering, Machine Tool Technology
Beau Everitt
Phone:  248.232.4053
Email: bleverit@oaklandcc.edu

Dean Everitt Profile

Title: Dean of Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technologies 

Area of Expertise: Machine Tool Technology 

What I love about OCC: I love opportunity that OCC has provided to me and to everyone in Oakland County.   The diversity and professionalism of the staff is second to none and everyone wants to see students be successful.  I got into education to inspire people and we do that every day at OCC.

Hidden talent: I love to do woodworking and carpentry in my free time

Campus location: Auburn Hills




J. Hawkins

Auburn Hills Campus
Jahquan Hawkins
Phone:  248.522.3512
Email: jchawkin@oaklandcc.edu


Dean Hawkins' Profile

Title: Dean of Student Services

Area of Expertise: Student Onboarding, Behavioral Intervention, Title IX

What I love about OCC: I love working alongside my colleagues to help acculturate students to the higher education environment; unlocking the potential within our future leaders.

Hidden talent: Author, Community Activism, Billiards

Campus location: Auburn Hills Campus

R. Spann

Orchard Ridge Campus
Robert Spann
Phone:  248.522.3512
Email: rtspann@oaklandcc.edu

Dean Spann's Profile

Title: Dean of Student Services

Area of Expertise: Serving others and finding solutions to problems

What I love about OCC: Is the vertical and horizontal passion so many employees have for supporting students and each other

Hidden talent: I was a mediator for many years

Campus location: Orchard Ridge Campus


S. Crews

Royal Oak/ Southfield Campus
Stacey Crews
Phone:  248.246.2612, 248.233.2712
Email: sncrews@oaklandcc.edu

Dean Crews' Profile

Title: Dean of Dean of Student Services

Area of Expertise: Student Development/Student Engagement , Mentorship, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

What I love about OCC: I love to watch the growth progression of students as they achieve their educational and professional goals while at OCC and beyond

Hidden talent: I am filled with Black Girl Magic

Campus location: Royal Oak & Southfield Campuses