Oakland Community College
Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Oakland Community College is committed to student success. As our mission statement articulates, our goal is to empower our students to succeed and advance our community. Our Strategic Plan, "Excellence in all we do," provides a roadmap to success.  Building on the success of our previous Educational Master Plan (EMP), the new Strategic Plan puts student success first.  Through our Values, Vision and Vital Few Objectives, we are setting a clear course to reach our goals.  Join us as we empower our students while advancing our commitment to the community.

John McCulloch "At Oakland Community College, our mission is empowering students while advancing our community. Our values reflect those ideals about which we are passionate, and our vision provides concrete goals about becoming the college of choice, the partner of choice, and the employer of choice." 

- John McCulloch, Chair, OCC Board of Trustees

Peter Provenzano "Empowering students to succeed drives everything we do at Oakland Community College. This core tenet serves as our foundation for the college’s Strategic Plan. We invite interested stakeholders to learn more and join us as we empower students to achieve their goals."

- Peter Provenzano, Chancellor