Placement Testing

ACCUPLACER English Placement

New students whose native language is English must take the ACCUPLACER English Placement Assessment before taking courses at Oakland Community College unless they meet one of the exemptions.  Click on the English Placement - ACCUPLACER box below to view exemptions, practice and scheduling information.

ALEKS Math Placement

Students wishing to take a math course at OCC will take the ALEKS Math Placement.  This test is used to place you into the appropriate math course.  There is a required practice test.  Click the boxes below for more information.

MTELP (Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency)

The MTELP, or Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency, is a language placement exam measuring a students ability in English as a second language. Its primary purpose is to assess a learner's English language ability at an academic or advanced business level.  The test structure is similar to other Michigan Proficiency exams in that it is in a multiple-choice format. The MTELP consists of grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension sections. 

Biology Proficiency Test

The Biology Proficiency Test is used to determine if students have sufficient background in introductory biology to enroll in BIO 1570 (Microbiology of Health and Disease) and BIO 2630 (Anatomy and Physiology I).

Students with disabilities who may need assistance on Placements should contact the ACCESS office prior to taking the test.  They will need to provide documentation of a qualifying disability and its functional limitation.