I-75 and Opdyke Road Construction


Location Beginning Ending Detour Route
SB I-75 to EB M-59 ramp closed 6/8/19 10/31/19 SB I-75 to WB M-59 to SB Opdyke Rd to EB M-59
 NB I-75 to WB M-59 ramp closed  6/9/19 10/31/19 NB I-75 to EB M-59 to NB Squirrel Rd to WB M-59
 WB M-59 to SB I-75 ramp closed 6/8/19 10/31/19 WB M-59 to SB Opdyke Rd to EB Square Lake Rd to SB I-75
 EB M-59 to NB I-75 ramp closed 6/9/19 10/31/19 EB M-59 to NB Opdyke Rd to EB University Dr to NB I-75
 SB I-75 from Baldwin Rd to Square Lake Rd - 2 lanes open 6/8/19 10/31/19  N/A
 NB I-75 from Square Lake Rd to Baldwin Rd - 2 lanes open  6/9/19 10/31/19   N/A

For more information on the I-75 closures, please visit MDOT.