Post-Secondary FAQs

What is a post-secondary articulation agreement?

  • Articulation agreements define a partnership between an academic program at OCC and an academic program at a 4-year university.

What are the benefits of an articulation agreement?

  • They allow you to finish your degrees as efficiently as possible – saving time and money.
  • They map out all the courses you need to take at both schools.
  • Some agreements allow 90 credits or more to be taken at the community college.

How does a student know what 4-year institutions have agreements with OCC?

  • OCC has agreements with public and private institutions located in Michigan and beyond.   View the current agreements by using the "Post-Secondary Agreements/Transfer Guides" link in the Related Links menu on the right.

When should a student decide to use an articulation agreement?

  • Deciding to use an articulation agreement early on in your college career will allow OCC counselors the best opportunity to work with you on course selection and planning.

Are students required to complete all the courses on the transfer guide before transferring to the 4-year institution? 

  • No. Articulation transfer guides list all the courses you need to complete both the associate and bachelor degrees, but the agreement does not mandate that every course be completed before transferring to the 4-year institution.

Can a student change their mind about using a particular articulation agreement?

  • Yes, but meeting with an OCC counselor is strongly advised so that you can make an alternate college plan.