Course Assessment

At OCC, faculty and staff assess courses through Common Course Outcomes (CCOs). For each course, faculty in their respective disciplines generally develop two CCOs for each course credit hour and incorporate at least one general education outcome, either in addition to the CCOs or in place of one CCO. These outcomes undergo rigorous review by faculty, academic deans, and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to ensure they are clear and measurable.

Faculty then develop assessment plans to measure student learning of these outcomes. These plans include specific benchmarks, methods, and an assessment frequency for each outcome. Benchmarks identify the proportion of students expected to demonstrate competency at a specific level (e.g., 80% of students will score at least 4 out of 5 points on the rubric). Assessment methods include tools such as rubrics, exams, papers, activities, etc. Finally, faculty choose how often (i.e., every one, two, or three years) they will assess student learning of each outcome. After assessment plans are complete, they are entered in OCC’s Assessment Results Tracking Information System (ARTIS) database.