OCC Bookstores


OCC Bookstores have everything you need to succeed

  • Order your textbooks online or pick them up in person.
  • Return rented textbooks.
  • Sell your textbooks back in person or online.
  • Use Financial Aid to buy required books, supplies and technology for the classes you are enrolled in each semester.

In-Person Shopping

Our stores are open and welcome you to visit in person. 

  • If you prefer to shop in person, all Highland Lakes course materials are now available at the Auburn Hills Bookstore and all Southfield textbooks and supplies are sold at Royal Oak.
  • Prefer to shop online – no problem! We offer various shipping methods, as well as free in-store pick-up. At any of three locations.

Do you need Scantrons or other basic supplies when the bookstores are closed?

1. Visit your campus Market Twenty 4 Seven.  Locations are as follows:

2. Bookstore vending machines are available throughout the college as follows:

Contact Information and Hours

Auburn Hills Raiders Store - G Building
(serving both Auburn Hills and Highland Lakes)
Phone: 248.232.4320
Christy Pottenger - Assistant Store Manager

Orchard Ridge Raiders Store - J Building
Phone: 248.522.3420
Karla Caul - Assistant Store Manager

Royal Oak Raiders Store - B Building
(serving both Royal Oak and Southfield)
Phone: 248.246.2422
Amanda Leavy - Assistant Store Manager

Bookstore Hours

Monday - Thursday               Friday
8:30 am - 7 pm                       9 am - 2 pm

Bookstore Managers