Picture of Ruth JohnsonGuest Speaker:

Ruth Johnson, Secretary of State

As secretary of state, Johnson successfully tripled online services with the launch of To date, millions of transactions have been successfully handled by customers using this "no-wait" Secretary of State which features Print’N Go. She also implemented MI-TIME Line, a line management tool at our busiest Secretary of State branch offices that allows customers to hold their place in line electronically while they stay home or run errands. The system then notifies them when their turn in line is approaching at the branch office. Johnson also partnered with AAA Michigan and public libraries to provide local access points where customers can utilize public computer stations to complete SOS transactions online. As Michigan’s chief election officer, Johnson fought for – and won – some of the most significant election reform measures in recent history, including Michigan’s first-ever post election audits, the closing of photo ID loopholes and increasing voter access to campaign contribution information. She has also made expanding Michigan’s organ donor rolls a priority. Under her leadership and partnership with donation leaders, a record-breaking 2 million additional people have been added to Michigan’s Organ Donor Registry. Finally, her OPERATION: OUR TROOPS COUNT initiative is fighting to protect the votes of overseas military personnel and ensure all Michigan veterans get the benefits they have earned by providing a veteran designation on driver’s licenses and state ID cards.

Johnson's work as secretary of state continues a distinguished career in public service, including three terms in the Michigan House of Representatives. A former small business owner, Johnson was the first woman ever elected to serve as clerk/register of deeds in Oakland County, Michigan's second largest county. She is a lifelong resident of Oakland County where she continues to reside with her family.

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