Picture of Salvador Salort-Pons Guest Speaker:

Salvador Salort-Pons, Director, President and CEO of the DIA

Salvador Salort-Pons joined the Detroit Institute of Arts’ (DIA) curatorial division in 2008. He was appointed the Elizabeth and Allan Shelden Curator of European Paintings and Head of the European Art Department in 2011. Two years later, he added the role of Executive Director of Collection Strategies and Information, overseeing one of the largest divisions in the museum, including the departments of Registration, Collections Management, Conservation, Publications and Information as well as Library and Archives. Salort-Pons organized a number of exhibitions for the DIA, acquired important Spanish works for its collection and played a key role in the conception of the museum strategic plan. Salort-Pons was appointed director, president and CEO in October 2015.

Prior to coming to Detroit, Salort-Pons was senior curator at the Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, assistant professor at the University of Madrid and exhibition curator at the Memmo Foundation/Palazzo Ruspoli in Rome.

A native of Madrid, he holds a master’s in geography and history (University of Madrid), a master’s in business administration (Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University) and a doctorate in the history of art (University of Bologna). Salort-Pons is fluent in five languages and recently became American citizen. In June 2016, Salort-Pons was conferred the Order of the Star of Italy, at the rank of Officer, by the Italian government for being a foreign national who aided the promotion and preservation of Italian national prestige abroad.


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