STUDENT PERSPECTIVE: Why is student engagement important?

We asked members of our Student Organizations why student engagement was such an important part of their college career.

"Student engagement is about exploring new activities and gaining skills. From participating in a play to performing in Forensics, you're learning a skill and learning about yourself in the process. I'm having new experiences all of the time when I participate in clubs and I'm learning practical skills that I can use in my career path."
Alysa Jacob, Forensic Club

"Student engagement is important to me because it helps ensure that I don't become overwhelmed by school. It is a pleasant reminder that college can, and should, be fun as well as educational."
Menachem Roetter, President of the Jewish Student Organization

"Being involved in a student organization has allowed me to create relationships with a diverse group of students and faculty. These connections have opened doors to many opportunities in my life."
Samantha Southern, VP of Scholarship in Phi Theta Kappa

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