Four Tips for Transfer Students

OCC takes great pride in being the number one transfer institution in Michigan. If you are a student considering transferring, the following tips may help you save time and money, especially if done early in the process!

Two students smiling.

1. Meet with a Counselor
OCC Counselors can help you develop a personal plan of success by assisting with educational planning and college transfer information.

2. Understand the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)
The MTA was designed to help students transfer from a community college to a Michigan four-year college or university. You’ll need to be sure to complete a minimum of 30 credits at your home institution to fulfill general education credits at participating transfer colleges and universities.

3. Plan Ahead and Ask Questions
Each college has its own requirements so planning ahead is essential. Does the college or university you’re transferring to give credit for work experience? What are their deadline dates for applying? How flexible are their course offerings? These are all questions that should be asked during the decision making process.

4. Take Advantage of Transfer Days
Why? It’s key to research the college or university you want to transfer to and what better then attending OCC’s Transfer Days April 9-11! Meet with representatives from nearly 40 Michigan college and universities. They will be available to answer your questions, on OCC campuses, about transferring to their institution. 

Learn more about transferring to a four-year institution by visiting our Transfer page.