We have assembled the items below to assist you in finding the resources needed to succeed. While the student services on-campus facilities are closed due to COVID-19, all of our OCC student services are available remotely. OCC employees are ready to help—just email or call using the contact information below.

We have also listed additional resources regarding COVID-19, community support services, and more to help you stay safe and stay on track with your education.

Together, we’ve got this!

Access Infographic

The Accessibility Compliance Center & Education Support Services (ACCESS) program provides services such as:

  • Sign language interpreters
  • Alternative testing arrangements
  • Specialized equipment and tutoring

Auburn Hills office -
Highland Lakes office -
Orchard Ridge office -
Royal Oak office -
Southfield office -

Library Infographic

Auburn Hills - Email the Auburn Hills Campus Library
Highland Lakes - Email the Highland Lakes Campus Library
Orchard Ridge - Email the Orchard Ridge Campus Library
Royal Oak - Email the Royal Oak Campus Library
Southfield - Email the Southfield Campus Library

Research Help Now available 24/7 - Virtual Reference Cooperative

Visit the Library page

CIS Labs Infographic

Auburn Hills -
Highland Lakes -
Orchard Ridge -
Royal Oak / Southfield -

Internet Access

Access to OCC’s Wi-Fi network and printers is available to currently enrolled OCC students. For locations and times, visit Return to College page

Enrollment Services infographic

Contact Enrollment Svs | General Questions -
Phone: 248.341.2280

Auburn Hills Enrollment Svcs -
Orchard Ridge Enrollment Svcs -
Highland Lakes Enrollment Svcs -
Royal Oak Enrollment Services -
Southfield Enrollment Services -

Drop-add period has been extended if you need to drop a class, but contact Enrollment Services before doing so.

Career Services infographic

College-wide -

Visit the Career Services page

Athletics infographic

Jamie Corona - Athletic Director
Softball Coach
Cell: 248.260.8744, email:

Visit the Athletics page

Public Safety Infographic

Auburn Hills Public Safety - 248.232.4599
Highland Lakes Public Safety - 248.942.3399
Orchard Ridge Public Safety - 248.522.3999
Royal Oak Public Safety - 248.246.2699
Southfield Public Safety - 248.233.2999

Chief of Public Safety -


ASC Infographic

The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides programs and services that help OCC students to be successful in achieving their academic goals.

Auburn Hills center -
Highland Lakes center -
Orchard Ridge center -
Royal Oak center -
Southfield center -

Counseling Infographic

Auburn Hills -
Highland Lakes -
Orchard Ridge -
Royal Oak -
Southfield -

Bookstores Infographic

College-wide -

Financial Services Infographic

College-wide -

Accounts Receivable

College-wide -

Financial Aid Infographic

Questions only -
Submit documents
-, or FAX - 248.341.2250
Phone: 248.341.2240

F-1 Advisors Infographic

College-wide -

Early Middle College Infographic

College-wide -

Veteran Affairs Infographic

College-wide -
Phone: 248.232.4342

Additional Resources

More information is available on the CDC and Oakland County Health Division (OCHD) COVID-19 web pages. The OCHD publishes Fact Sheets to address common questions pertaining to COVID-19, as well as other health concerns. The OCHD Communicable Disease Department is also available to answer questions directly at 248-858-1286.

CDC COVID-19 Respirator Information and Recommendations

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 Page (National and international response efforts)

COVID-19 Mental Health Resource Hub

Michigan Community Colleges Association Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resources

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), COVID-19 Page (State and local response efforts, including multi-lingual Fact Sheets)

Michigan Unemployment Benefits Increased and Expanded

Oakland County Health Division (OCHD), COVID-19 Page (Local response efforts, including Fact Sheets and telephone support)

OCHD COVID-19 Fact Sheet

United Way of Southeast Michigan COVID-19 Help

U.S. Department of State, China Travel Advisory (Travel restrictions)

World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 Page (International response efforts)

Additional Community Support Services