Educational Counseling

Counselors are able to assist with a wide range of educational counseling services. It is important to meet with a counselor on a regular basis to make sure your academic choices are helping to meet your goals. Counselors can assist with the following:

Contact Information

Auburn Hills Campus
B Building
Phone (248) 232-4350
Fax (248) 232-4355

Highland Lakes Campus
Woodland Hall
Phone (248) 942-3050
Fax (248) 942-3055

Orchard Ridge Campus
M Building
Phone (248) 522-3450
Fax (248) 522-3696

Royal Oak Campus
B Building
Phone (248) 246-2450
Fax (248)246-2455

Southfield Campus
A Building
Phone (248) 233-2750
Fax (248) 233-2740

Campus Service Hours