Advanced Concealed Carry Survival Training

Police Shield





Close Quarters Combat Cover/Concealment Malfunction Clearing
Point Shooting  Strong and Off Hand Shooting  Flashlight Holds 
VIRTRA Simulation Training  No/Low-Light Shooting  Tactical/Combat Reloading 
Positional Shooting  Target Analysis  
Injury Drill Movement and Searching   

Required Equipment

All Students Must Bring The Following Items: 

  •  A Firearm with any of the following calibers: 9mm, .38, 40, .357, 45
  • Strong side Hip holster. No Cross draw or Shoulder holsters allowed
  • Magazine pouch carrier to hold extra magazines on your belt
  • Concealment attire capable of concealing weapon and holster, (shirt, sweater, jacket)
  • Baseball style Hat
  • Closed collar shirt to prevent brass falling inside
  • No open toe shoes allowed
  • You must have a concealed pistol license
  • This advanced class cannot be used to apply for your Michigan CCW/CPL License
  • Rental firearm and holster available, call for availability at 248.232.4223
  • Ammo and lunch will be provided

Course Details: