Michigan Freedom of Information Act

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Thomas Quasarano is an Assistant Attorney General in the State Operations Division. Prior to joining the Department of Attorney General in March 1988, he was in private law practice for 13 years. Tom has bachelor’s and master’s degrees, a Master of Laws, and a Juris Doctor. Tom represents the state in several legal areas, including, since 1994, as counsel for state departments and agencies on the operation of, and litigation involving, the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act. 

Course Description:

Participants will be provided instruction on the requirements of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act as they pertain to governmental agencies in general, with emphasis on the provisions in the Act specifically relevant to law enforcement agencies. 

The course will review the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and include a discussion of the July 1, 2015 amendments of the Act’s provision on the charging of fees and the requirements as to agency FOIA policies and procedures. The training will use a PowerPoint presentation and handouts. 

Topics Include:

  • The Legislative intent regarding the Michigan Freedom of Information Act 
  • Procedures under the Act for processing, approving, and denying requests for information 
  • Appeal procedures available for denied requests 
  • Liability under the Act for improperly denied requests for information 
  • Information exempt form release under the Act 
  • A review of court cases regarding the Act 

Course Details:

- 302 Funds Eligible -