Avondale School District

District Course OCC Course  OCC Course Title CIP Status
Business Admin., Mgmt. & Operations ACC1800 Accounting Procedures  52.0299 Active
Business Admin., Mgmt. & Operations BUS1100 Introduction to Business 52.0299 Active
Introduction to Engineering  CAD1101 Introduction to CAD 15.1306 Active
Civil Engineering & Architectures CAD1101 Introduction to CAD 15.0000 Active
Computer Networking & Security CIS1300 Networking Concepts 11.0901 Active
Web Design & Digital Technology CIS1400 Web Design I 11.0801 Active
Computer Programming II CIS1500 Intro. to Programming (Java) 11.1001 Active
Computer Networking & Security CIS1600 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity 11.1003 Active
Systems Administration/Administrator CIS2535 Window Server Administration 11.1001 Active
Computer Programming II CIS2818 Mobile App. Dev. (Android) 11.1001 Active
Cybersecurity & Hacker Techniques CIS2838 System Security 11.1003 Active
Computer Forensics CIS2845 Computer Forensics 11.1003 Active