Chef Kevin Enright CEC/CCE/AAC

Kevin Enright

Department Chairperson of the Culinary Studies Institute of Oakland Community College

ACF Certified as an Executive Chef and Culinary Educator since 1985

Member of the American Academy of Chefs

ACF Lead evaluator for the Chef Certification program in the United States

I have successfully coached ACF student culinary teams for over 20 years. The culinary team was the American Culinary Federations Central Regional Champion in 2007. I have had the opportunity to serve as officer of the Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association since 1978.


Michigan Chefs de Cuisines, 1987 and 1994 Chef of the Year

American Culinary Federations 1998 Central Regions Chef of the Year

2006 Educator of the Year

2013 Herman Reush Culinary Excellence Award