About MyOCC

MyOCC provides a web-based interface to information contained in OCC's database. If you have recently attended Oakland Community College you can use MyOCC to:

  • Search for classes
  • Register, add or drop classes
  • Print your schedule
  • View your academic progress
  • Check your user name
  • Print an unofficial transcript
  • View your grades
  • Print a registration statement
  • Make a credit card payment

Why is MyOCC changing?

On November 14, 2021, MyOCC was migrated to the Self-Service platform. None of the functionality you’ve come to expect from the website has changed, but the platform has a new, streamlined appearance. The purpose of this change is to make the platform easier to navigate and more mobile-friendly.

You can review the comparison guide between the new MyOCC Self-Service portal and the old MyOCC portal.

Logging In

To log in to MyOCC you will need to identify your username and password. Use the "What's My Username?" function to determine your username. Your initial password will be emailed to the email address noted on your application when your application is processed. However, you can retrieve and/or reset your password by selecting "What's My Password?".


Self-Service is simple and easy to use. After logging in, you can click on a category to get started, or expand the menu on the left-hand side for quick access to some of the most common pages and forms you are likely to need.

Help within Self-Service

Self-Service has built-in Help options that are specific to the operations being performed on a given screen. The Help options change based on the functions you can perform on that screen. Below are examples of Help options within the Student Planning area:

  • What information can I view in the Planning Overview page?
  • How do I find a course?
  • How do I create a schedule?
  • How do I register for classes?
  • How do I find an academic program?

Assistance & Resources

Password Reset

You can reset your password online. If you are unable to reset your password, contact Enrollment Services at 248.341.2280.

Need additional help?

If you need assistance with MyOCC, visit the Student Helpdesk.

Contact Information

Auburn Hills Campus

Jahquan Hawkins
Dean of Student Services

Nicole Willis
Associate Dean of Student Services

Margaret Warack
Administrative Assistant, Phone: 248.232.4404

Highland Lakes Campus

Jahquan Hawkins
Dean of Student Services

Nicole Willis
Associate Dean of Student Services

Gail Adams
Administrative Assistant, Phone: 248.942.3211

Orchard Ridge Campus

Robert Spann
Dean of Student Services

Marikay Clancy
Associate Dean of Student Services

Belynda Gambrell
Administrative Specialist, Phone: 248.522.3510

Royal Oak/Southfield Campuses

Stacey Crews
Dean of Student Services

Andrew Muniz
Associate Dean of Student Services

Kim Combs
Administrative Specialist, Phone: 248.246.2611