Diversity Champions

Congratulations to our Diversity Champions

OCC Diversity Champion 2018 - Pamela Micallef


Oakland Community College’s College Committee for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) has selected the College’s 2018 Diversity Champion! Pamela Micallef, a counselor at OCC’s Orchard Ridge Campus, has been selected 2018 Diversity Champion!  Ms. Micallef was honored by the Birmingham Race Relations and Diversity Task Force in May 2018.  Read below what the Orchard Ridge Counseling department wrote in part about Ms. Micallef in nominating her.

“As a campus committee member, Pam has assisted with planning the collaboration of several student organizations and departments for multiple events. One of the collaborative programs was with the Jewish Student Organization at Oakland Community College, hosting a Multi-Faith Panel program; the other was with Student Life and the Orchard Ridge Counseling department for HAVEN’s “Intimate-Partner Violence 101” awareness training.  On a college-wide level, Pam represents the Orchard Ridge campus in attending meetings and reporting of information between the two committees. She has worked on a team for the planning and implementation of several LGBTQ + Workshops, serving as the emcee for the Orchard Ridge event.

Pam is a true Diversity Champion as even in her spare time, she has actively involved herself in many programs about which she is passionate which speaks to her values in diversity and inclusion such as her work with substance abuse agencies and her volunteer work with the “Women of Tomorrow” program, a mentor and scholarship organization whose goals are to help at-risk girls in public high schools plan for a bright future.  For the above reasons and many more, it is our hope that Pam Micallef will be chosen as the 19th Annual Diversity Champion Honor Roll for Oakland Community College, as we are fortunate to have her contribute to our department, College and community at large.”

Other nominees for this year’s OCC Diversity Champion were:

Tony Baracco (Orchard Ridge),

Michelle Fether-Samtouni (Auburn Hills),

Bill Konkolesky (Southfield), and

Kelly Perez-Vergara (Auburn Hills).

Please join the members of OCC in thanking all of these individuals for their collective efforts in making OCC a better place!

List of Diversity Champion:

  • 2018 - Pamela Micallef
  • 2017 - Allison McFadden-Keesling
  • 2016 - Dr. Rosalind Reaves
  • 2015 - Nadja Springer-Ali
  • 2014 - Stacey Jackson
  • 2013 - Michelle Fether-Samtouni
  • 2012 - Sally Hanna
  • 2011 - Kelli Van Buren
  • 2010 - Pamela Dorris
  • 2009 - Eric Abbey
  • 2008 - Dr. Jacqueline Shadko
  • 2007 - Beverly Stanborough
  • 2006 - Lloyd Crews, Letyna Roberts
  • 2005 - Douglas Riddering
  • 2004 - Candy Geeter, Wanda Pernell-Harris, Dr. Maurice McCall, Richard L. Burt-Willson
  • 2003 - Nancy Nicholson, Rocio Oxholm-Flores, Elise Roman, Diana Schack
  • 2002 - JuliAnne Diesch
  • 2001 - Imagene Bailey
  • 2000 - Arlene Frank
  • 1999 - Dr. Martha Smydra