Design & Manufacturing Alliance

Design & Manufacturing Alliance

DMA Mission: To encourage and foster communication, networking, and partnerships among design and manufacturing industry companies, their professional associations, government, and educators across Southeast Michigan.

The DMA supports educational networking with design and manufacturing organizations, their professional associations, and government offices to ensure accurate career information is available to students, and academic programs and curricula are developed that are appropriate to the skills required for the jobs that do (and will) exist in these industries.

The DMA encourages and arranges design and manufacturing opportunities, e.g. tours, internships, co-ops and job shadowing for educators and students.


DMA Conference will be held in Flint at Kettering University on Friday October 14, 2016
"Finding the Yellow Brick Road to the Future"
(Technology and Engineering Pathways) 

The conference will focus on future employment opportunities in the auto industry.  It will feature keynote and guest speakers to emphasize the role that women are, and will play, in industry.  Speakers will also review the emerging industry-education partnerships that exist and suggest new opportunities that the industry will likely provide.   They will do this through personal experiences and relevant data.  Additionally, the conference will feature a student panel to provide a broader perspective of the industry-education interactions.   As usual there will be an opportunity to ask questions and network with presenters and peers. 

Please note that there is NO conference charge, but pre-registration is appreciated.