Feedback, Concerns & Suggestions

OCC invites you to share feedback about your experience at OCC. You can do this by completing the Feedback, Suggestion, & Concern form and submitting it electronically to  An OCC representative will review your concern and determine the action to be taken.  You will be contacted with information regarding how your concern/feedback has been addressed.

At OCC, your input is important!


Excellent service is a matter of opinion! Help OCC understand what matters to you, by providing your feedback when you experience excellent service at OCC!  Provide feedback on an exceptionally satisfying service experience at OCC by completing the Feedback Suggestion & Concern form.


At OCC, our goal is excellent service! Your concerns and suggestions are crucially important in helping us understand how we may continually improve our service to you and the broader community! Tell us about your concerns and suggestions for OCC by completing the Feedback, Suggestion & Concern form.

Feedback, Suggestion & Concerns Form

Contact Information

Auburn Hills Campus

Jahquan Hawkins
Dean of Student Services

Stacey Jackson
Associate Dean of Student Services

Margaret Warack 
Administrative Assistant, Phone 248.232.4404

Highland Lakes Campus

Lisa Skowronski
Associate Dean of Student Services

Gail Adams
Administrative Assistant, Phone 248.942.3211

Orchard Ridge Campus

Robert Spann
Dean of Student Services

Marikay Clancy
Associate Dean of Student Services

Linda Emerson
Administrative Assistant, Phone 248.522.3510

Royal Oak/Southfield Campuses

Janice Brown-Williams
Dean of Student Services

Andrew Muniz
Associate Dean of Student Services

Kim Combs
Administrative Specialist, Phone 248.246.2611