Federal Work Study Student Employment - Off Campus

Oakland Community College works with off-campus partners to provide student employment opportunities for need-based students who choose to work and gain valuable job experience while attending college.

The Federal Work-Study program will reimburse participating employers 50-75% of the students’ wages. Non-profit employers hiring students to serve as reading and/or math tutors are reimbursed 100% of the students’ wages. Profit-making employers are reimbursed 50% of the students’ wages, and the job position MUST be related to the students’ declared program of study.

In an effort to increase reading, math and family literacy proficiency for children, the FWS program will reimburse 100% of the wages earned by a student who is employed performing these job duties.

  • Family Literacy Projects: The definition is consistent with the Even Start and Head Start definitions of Family Literacy programs and are not just limited to tutoring positions. Family literacy projects provide services to families with preschool age children or elementary school children. Family literacy activities may include training tutors, performing administrative tasks such as coordinating the tutors, or working as an instructional aide who prepares the materials for the project.
  • Reading or Math Tutors: Preschool age is a child from infancy through Pre-K. Elementary school age K-8th grade (9th grade for math). There is flexibility in determine the job description and duties of a tutor. For example, a reading tutor could be an FWS student who reads to a group of preschoolers in a public library. Training for a tutoring position must be limited and only for a reasonable and limited length of time; not to exceed 20 hours.

All students must be enrolled at least half-time (six credits) and must not work more than 30 hours per week or the total amount of their work-study award. Students are awarded FWS for the academic year. Job positions must not replace full-time workers. A pool of motivated, work-ready student candidates are currently available. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your services/operations and provide a learning experience for OCC students.

Goal of the Program

  • Provide students a hands-on learning experience while outside the classroom
  • Provide additional resources for nonprofit, for-profit and government agencies to expand their services.

Contact Student Financial Resources and Scholarships at 248.341.2240 to request information to become an off-campus partner for student employment.