Financial Aid Summer Request

Now Available - check your OCC email for instructions

Important Information - Summer 2023

Registration - Your financial aid award will be processed based on the total number of credit hours. You should register for all summer classes by May 07, 2023. Financial aid will be disbursed based on enrollment levels consistent with the start date of the courses. Registered courses must be within your degree program.

Complete a FAFSA for 2022-2023 year for the summer 2023 semester to determine eligibility for financial aid.

Funding Availability

Book Voucher

This is not additional funding. Financial aid funds remaining after tuition and fees have been deducted can be used in the OCC Bookstore up to a maximum of $1,200. The last day to use a book voucher is May 19, 2023.

Drops/Withdrawals/Non-Attendant Marks

  • Withdrawals/Drops/Cancellations -Students who withdraw, stop attending class(es), or whose class(es) have been cancelled once financial aid has been disbursed may be required to repay a portion or all of their financial aid. Check your MyOCC under View Account & Make Payments. If you want to withdraw from courses or completely withdraw from the college, you must complete the Course Drop Request form available in Enrollment Services, or withdraw from courses on the OCC website.
  • N Marks – If you are registered but not attending classes, you are responsible for officially withdrawing from your classes
  • N Mark is awarded to students who, though registered, never attended, did not officially drop, and (if an online or hybrid class) have no gradable work. This mark may affect eligibility for financial aid.

Ineligible Programs at OCC

Students must be pursuing an eligible certificate or degree program at Oakland Community College to qualify for financial aid funding.  Check for ineligible programs. 

Course Ineligible for Federal Financial Aid

ENG 1055 CIS 1000 MAT 1045 MAT1050

Developmental/Remedial Course

Students may receive financial aid for a maximum of 30 remedial/ developmental credits (see list below). ESL coursework does not count toward 30 remedial/developmental credits.

 APM-8110 (3 crs) ASC-1070 (2 crs) CHE-0950 (4 crs) CNS-1100 (1 crs) CNS-1160 (2 crs)
 ENG-1060 (6 crs) MAT-1070 (3 crs) MAT-1100 (4 crs) MAT-1125 (4 crs) MAT-1150 (4 crs)

Rights & Responsibilities

Student Financial Resources and Scholarships (SFRS) has the right to revise or terminate any financial aid award if incorrectly computed or based on student academic history/performance. SFRS also reserves the right to make adjustments resulting from changes in funding or new interpretations of federal and state guidelines and regulations.  Students, who fraudulently submitted incorrect data on their financial aid application, may have their application referred to the U.S. Department of Education Office of Inspector General for investigations of suspected fraudulent or criminal activities.

NOTE:  All Summer 2023 awards are contingent upon meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy Failure to meet academic standards will result in cancellation of pending financial aid and/or denial of future financial aid.

Summer 2023 Deadlines

 June 30, 2023  Last day to submit a summer request for financial aid
 June 30, 2023 Last day to request loan funds