Matching Gift Challenge
OCC cares about students

Accept the Challenge!

I used the money given to me to stay in the hotel with my dog until I could get a lease for an apartment.  I'm happy to say that I am writing this right now in a warm and safe place and I don't have to worry about sleeping in my car.

You're the perfect match! The OCC Foundation will match your contributions dollar to dollar when you make a donation to endow the Student Success Fund (SSF).  The SSF is the Foundation's rapid response to students in crisis.  It provides immediate help for enrolled students facing a financial emergency beyond their control, once all other avenues are exhausted.  By sweeping aside the financial barrier, these students can complete their classes and stay on the track to success.

You can accept the challenge by providing a student in need with food, shelter and/or transportation.  By completing the form below, we can reach our $80,000 endowment goal!

Thank you for donating to this fund, I hope in the future that I can help someone else in a similar situation who really needs a boost to get through a hard time. ~Student Recipient!

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