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Helping Theatre students at OCC is easy! Simply complete the form below. You will join the hundreds of alumni, faculty, staff, retirees, and friends who empower our students to succeed through their generosity.

Our current goals for the program include more opportunities for Theatre students and patrons through scholarships and an additional production. Each $500 we raise represents one scholarship, and $5,000 will underwrite the new production. 

The April 2019 production, The Fantasticks, is a gem of the American musical theatre. Whimsical, poignant, and romantic, The Fantasticks is an allegorical story that focuses on two young lovers, their meddling parents, and the journey we all must take through adolescent thrills, the growing pains of hurt and betrayal, the highs of passion, the challenges of distance, and the agonies of heartbreak to discover how to truly love. This simple and beautiful ensemble piece is as beloved and as timely as it was when it opened over 50 years ago.

Your gift today in any amount will ensure that Theatre students will have every opportunity to realize their potential. Please give as generously as you can at the level that is right for you.