Oakland Community College
Celebrates Founders Day

OCC's Founders Day - March 19

Community Service Key Theme of Founders Celebration

OCC honors the public spirit and contributions of those who established the College and set it on the path to the success it enjoys today.  Oakland Community College's Board of Trustees designated founder George Mosher's birthday, March 19, as Founders Day.  Since 2013, OCC has invited its employees, students, retirees, alumni and community members to volunteer during March to honor the College's founder.  With the theme "A Tradition of Excellence," OCC celebrates its fourth annual Founders Day.  A major feature is a call to community service.  Participants who complete four or more service hours will become of the "Founders Service Club."  This year, prizes will be awarded to the top earning volunteers.  The commitment to community held by OCC's founders still resonates after 50 years - community is our middle name.

Earn Your Founders Service Club Pin and Recognition Certificate

Participant should submit a Founders Service Club form documenting their service hours.

Eligible participants (OCC employees, students, retirees, alumni and community members) who accumulate service hours will receive one of three types of special Founders Service Club pins - green (4+ hours), silver (20+ hours) or gold (40+ hours) and a Founders Service Club Certificate of Appreciation.  This year, the top earners will receive prizes.  The top earning alumni or retiree is eligible to win an OCC gift basket.  The top earning student will receive a $50 OCC bookstore gift card; other students' names will be put into a pool to qualify for a $25 OCC bookstore gift card on a campus-by-campus basis.  The top earning employee will receive two tickets to an OCC Culinary event.

The deadline to turn in Founders Service Club forms is April 6, 2016.

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Founders Day Pins