Boost Your Future with a Global Literacy Endorsement

Whatever you plan to do after graduating from OCC, earning a Global Literacy Endorsement can help you succeed.

With the Global Literacy Endorsement on your OCC transcript, admissions officers at four-year schools and potential employers alike can see you went above and beyond to increase your understanding of today’s rapidly changing, interconnected world. That additional knowledge can help push your application to the top of the pile.

Earning a Global Literacy Endorsement requires:

  • Taking approved classes you choose from a list
  • Participating in global activities at OCC or in the community
  • Preparing a capstone presentation about your experiences

You’ll have a coach to support you throughout the process.

If you’re currently enrolled at OCC, the first step toward earning a GLE is filling out the online application. Participating in the GLE program is free, and everyone is accepted.

Learn with Students in Foreign Countries

Gain new perspectives on everything from business to early childhood education in classes that connect you with students in a foreign college.

OCC’s Virtual Exchange classes take many forms. Most commonly, though, for some part of the class you’ll interact with students in other countries and possibly partner on projects. 

You can choose from more than 20 sections of Virtual Exchange classes in business, CIS, communication, criminal justice, early childhood education, economics, English, history, mathematics, music, nutrition, political science, and Spanish.

For more international opportunities, check out OCC’s Virtual Study Abroad classes.

GE Student

GE Students

GE Students

Travel Overseas (Safely) with OCC Classes

With foreign travel on hold, OCC provides great international experiences from the comfort of your home through our interactive Virtual Study Abroad classes.

The available classes vary each semester, but here are two examples from Fall 2020:

  • Global Issues and Challenges (GLS 2520) explored economic, environmental, healthcare, nationalism, and immigration issues related to globalization. Students traveled virtually to Spain to visit non-governmental organizations and key cultural sites in Segovia and Oviedo.

  • The Grand Tour: Exploring Italy’s Regional Cultural Variation (GLS 2904-A1599) examined Italy’s rich cultural differences. Students learned about how geographic, linguistic, and cultural diversity across Italy contributes to the nation’s multiculturalism. The class included readings, lectures, and discussions, along with live experiences and group projects with partners in Italy, including a visit with an Italian family, a cooking class, guided virtual tours of cultural sites and more.

For more international opportunities, check out OCC’s Virtual Exchange classes. 

A grant from the U.S. Department of State helped OCC develop the Virtual Study Abroad and Virtual Exchange classes.