Global Literacy Endorsement FAQs

The GLE is an exciting opportunity to develop global competencies and engage in intercultural learning. These are essential knowledge, skills, and practices for life in an global and interconnected world. If you don't find the answer to your question below contact Jillian in the Office of Global Education at  248.232.4730 or We look forward to helping you earn the GLE!

What is a Global Literacy Endorsement (GLE)?

The GLE provides an exciting opportunity for you to engage in global learning opportunities and be recognized for your efforts. Through three areas of activity and a capstone project, participation in the GLE emphasizes awareness, empathy, and collaborations. Earning the GLE certifies that you have demonstrated growth and development in areas of communication, global understanding, and social responsibility. Once you complete all components of the GLE, an endorsement will be added to your official OCC transcript. 

Why should I earn a GLE?

Oakland County has increasingly complex global connections and is the most internationally diverse county in the state - global competence is imperative for success in our community. For instance, we know that Oakland County employers want to recruit graduates that have “21st century skills” including curiosity, flexibility, problem solving, self-awareness, teamwork, and tolerance for ambiguity, among others. We also know that the schools you want to transfer to are equally committed to international perspectives and global learning. That means, both further education and employment opportunities increasingly require you to be globally competent and engaged. To accomplish this, you must be willing to challenge yourself to explore the political and historical contexts of global challenges with openness, mutual accountability, and humility. This will help you become globally competent by developing the skills, practices, and perspectives needed to navigate a complex and interconnected world. The GLE can help you prepare for transfer, increase your marketability, and deepen your ability to adapt in a diverse world. No matter what you want to do after OCC, the GLE can help you succeed . 

How do I earn a GLE?

To earn the GLE you must complete requirements in the areas of global academic experience, global life experience, and global activities along with a capstone project. In some cases, prior learning may be used to satisfy the requirements and many of the courses and activities may be ones in which you are already interested. You will be assigned a GLE coach who will help you to complete the GLE and develop your capstone project. To track your progress, you will submit written reflections and other necessary documentation on a dedicated D2L site. Once all of these elements have been completed, you will receive the GLE on your official transcript. 

The first step is to APPLY NOW to let us know you're interested! All current students are welcome to pursue the GLE and no one will be turned away.

Which courses count toward the Global Academic Experience requirement and how many do I have to take?

Courses will be reviewed periodically and a current list will always be available on the GLE website under the Academic Experience link. Many of these courses can be used to satisfy General Education or Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) requirements at OCC. You will need to complete a minimum of 4 courses from at least two different subject areas, including at least one language course, all with a grade of C+ (2.3) or above. Equivalent transfer credit from other colleges and universities may be accepted with approval. 

How can a course get added to the Global Academic Experience list?

Courses not on the approved list for the GLE list may qualify. You can submit a request for course review via email to Jillian in the Office of Global Education ( with supporting documentation. Note that the course should have at least 25% global content to be considered. The request and supporting documentation should include the following:

  • Explanation of Request for Review which should specify:
    • Indication of whether the request is being made for section/instructor specific approval or overall course applicability.
    • Identification of course elements that relate directly to global understanding and responsibility, intercultural development, and/or international topics. 
    • Signatures of faculty submitting, discipline chair, and dean when applicable
  • Catalog course description

  • Course syllabus (or syllabi)

Request will be reviewed by the Global Education Committee and response sent via email within 4-6 weeks.

How can I complete the Global Life Experience requirement?

By participating in an approved education abroad experience -OR- multiple local experiences with a global focus. Learn more about the specific requirements and available opportunities by visiting the Global Life Experience page. You may work with your GLE coach and the Office of Global Education to find an experience that's right for you!

How can I complete the Global Activities requirement?

By attending at least four global/international/intercultural events at OCC or in the community. This should include a minimum of at least one per semester while you are pursuing the GLE. Check out our Global Activities & Events page to find great opportunities every month!

Who can apply for the GLE?

Any currently enrolled student at OCC. 

Will the GLE show up on my transcript?

Yes! Once you have completed all of the academic, life experiences, and activities required and your capstone project has been approved with documentation, you will have earned the GLE. The Office of Global Education will then submit your name to the registrar who will add the endorsement to your official transcript. 

How long do I have to complete the GLE?

You are eligible to work on the GLE any time that you are enrolled as a student at OCC. If you need to take a semester off, your work will be saved. You can pick up where you left off when you return to OCC. 

If I apply for the endorsement and do not fulfill the requirements, will it show up on my transcript as incomplete?

No. There is no penalty for applying and not completing the endorsement. No reference to the GLE will appear on your transcript if you do not complete the process.

How do I apply?

If you are a currently enrolled student at OCC, you may apply for the GLE by filling out the online application. The application will help us get to know you and pair you with a coach to support you throughout the process. Apply today!