GLE Life Experience

  • Participate in the Conversation Partner Program (CPP) by applying before September 18! This is a great way to earn your GLE Life Experience!

  • Plan to study abroad in Ireland with OCC in May 2020! Scroll down for more information.


You can complete the Global Life Experience requirement by participating in an education abroad opportunity OR by participating in at least two sustained local experiences with a global focus. Work with your coach and the office of Global Education to figure out what works best for you! Below, we've provided a number of opportunities here and abroad to help you explore your Global Life Experience options.

Curious about what education abroad is? It is more than sightseeing, it is an immersive learning experience. Can you imagine yourself traveling outside of the U.S. for an academic experience that could include taking classes, interning, or volunteering? We can! Let us help you make the world your classroom. Check out Option 1 below. You may choose to travel for a week or two, a semester, or even a year. The possibilities are endless and we can help you find the resources to make this unforgettable experience possible. Want to learn more? Watch this short video to hear students tell their story about what "study abroad" means to them and how it transformed their lives. And because we don't want the cost of travel to deter you from going abroad, below we have included a wealth of scholarship opportunities for you to consider.

Not sure if education abroad is right for you? Would you like to try a local life experience with a global focus before going abroad? Then, Option 2 is right for you! Scroll down to learn more about all of your options.

Option A: Education Abroad Opportunities

Education abroad is a transformative experience. By thoughtfully immersing yourself in the process of global learning through preparation, on the ground experience, and debriefing after your trip, you WILL be forever changed for the better. You will have the opportunity to grapple with complex questions that embrace our interconnectedness. Engaging in reflection throughout the process will help you develop the skills that will give you a head start on your next step in education, work, and life!

There are many education abroad opportunities available. Below are a list of options with local universities and colleges, third party providers, and databases where you can search for just the right program. To satisfy the GLE Global Life Experience category, you will need to travel abroad for a minimum of one week. Before you go, work with your coach to identify meaningful learning objectives whether you take a class for credit, intern with a company, or volunteer with a nonprofit organization.

Worried about the cost? Education abroad does NOT have to break the bank. There are many scholarships available to help you fund your dream. Scroll down for funding opportunities related to traveling abroad.

Local Colleges and Universities

Third Party Providers

Education Abroad Databases

Option B: Local Experiences with a Global Focus

There are many opportunities to get involved locally with global and intercultural experiences. Remember that you'll need to complete a minimum of two (2) experiences in order to complete Option 2 in this category. Be sure to track your hours of engagement as you'll need a total of 40 hours to satisfy the requirements of the GLE Global Life Experience. There are many ways to satisfy this requirement including volunteer, service learning, co-op, or internship opportunities that have a global focus. The following lists are far from exhaustive and you should work with your coach and the Office of Global Education to pursue opportunities that are a good fit for you.

OCC Sponsored Experiences

  • Serve as an AH Campus International Student Club leader. Contact Sarah Lemelin for more information.
  • Serve as an RO Campus Global Student Club leader. Contact Dave McRoberts or Monika Oery for more information.
  • Serve as an OR Campus Hispanic/Latinx Student Organization leader. Contact the HLSO for more information.
  • Participate for a full semester - a 10+ hour commitment - in the Conversation Partner Program (CPP). Apply today!
  • Serve as a "Book" in the Human Library. Contact Allison McFadden-Keesling for more information.
  • Design and implement an academic/creative project with a global focus in consultation with your coach. Scholarship money may be available to help fund your project.

Community-Based Opportunities

  • Global Ties Detroit Fall Internship
    • Each year, Global Ties Detroit coordinates exchange programs for hundreds of international visitors in every field --
      from the arts, business, media, politics, religion, youth activism, and more -- introducing them to our
      unique city, its citizens and the metro area’s vast resources through meetings with counterparts, as well
      as through social and cultural activities. You can Be a part of this exciting international initiative! Global Ties Detroit is seeking volunteer interns in Programming and Communications for a minimum commitment of 12-15 hours per week.
    • For more information, please contact Marley Ward at Global Ties Detroit or call 313.638.1626.
  • Become a Conversation Group Leader with the Oakland Literacy Council.
  • Become a Mentee with the Global Detroit Cultural Ambassador program
  • Host an international guest 

Don't see something you're looking for? Have another idea in mind? Contact your coach or the Office of Global Education or 248.232.4730 to explore all your options!

Funding for Education Abroad

Going abroad? After you have made the decision to pursue education abroad, you need to figure out how to fund your trip. The following resources can help you make your dream a reality.

OCC Education Abroad Scholarship & Financial Aid

Once you've confirmed that you will be attending an education abroad program, your first step should be to contact the Office of Global Education. Through the Office, you can apply directly for an Education Abroad Scholarship to help fund your travel.

Additionally, if you are planning to receive academic credit for your education abroad, you may be able to use financial aid to help pay for the trip. Speak with the Financial Aid team to find out more!

Don't forget to apply for ALL the other scholarships available at OCC. These may not help you study abroad, but they can help you succeed at OCC and complete the GLE. Visit the Foundation Scholarships page and the Financial Aid page to learn more.

External Funding Sources for Education Abroad