GLE Overview

The Global Literacy Endorsement (GLE) helps you become globally competent by developing the skills, practices, and perspectives needed to navigate a complex and interconnected world. Learning how to communicate effectively and appropriately across cultural differences* is at the heart of the GLE. You can earn this endorsement through four categories of activity including a capstone project. These experiences emphasize global awareness, empathy, curiosity, and openness. These capabilities can help you develop personal leadership skills and better prepare you for transfer, jobs, and lifelong learning. Throughout the process, you will be supported by a GLE coach who will help you facilitate your intercultural learning, navigate the D2L site, and plan for successful completion of the GLE.

Get started in just a few easy steps:

  1. Apply to start the GLE today!
  2. After applying, you'll be registered for the GLE D2L site and paired with a coach.
  3. Contact your coach to review your application and begin your GLE journey!

It's that easy. Curious but not ready to apply yet? Contact Jillian in the Office of Global Education to learn more.

*Harvey, T.A. (2018). “An Educator's Guide to Intercultural Learning: Ten Ways to Inspire Learning Across Cultures.” True North Intercultural, LLC.

Category 1 - Global Academic Experience:

Complete a minimum of 4 courses from the approved GLE list from at least two different disciplines with a grade of C+ (2.3) or above. At least one semester of language is required (language courses taken within a three-year period are accepted). Unless otherwise noted (*), courses satisfy Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) requirements. This list will be updated periodically. Start choosing your GLE classes today! More...

Category 2 - Global Life Experience:

Complete one of the following options:

Option 1:

Education Abroad (must complete a minimum of one education abroad experience). Prior approval from the Office of Global Education is required.

  • Participate in a study, volunteer, service learning, or internship abroad program sponsored by an accredited college or university. Programs not affiliated with a college or university will be considered on a case by case basis.


Option 2:

Domestic Opportunities (must complete a minimum of two globally focused domestic experiences). Prior approval from the Office of Global Education is required.

  • Work with a faculty coach to identify and participate in a volunteer, service learning project, co-op, or internship with a local organization that has a global focus.
  • Work with a faculty coach to complete an academic or creative project on an international topic that involves personal interactions with individuals, artifacts, or ideas from a culture different from your own.
  • Propose an alternative experience that demonstrates your development of global literacy.

Work with your coach and the Office of Global Education to choose the option(s) that's right for you. Don't forget to submit a reflection(s) on your GLE-D2L site. Find out more and get started with your GLE Life Experiences today! More...

Category 3 - Global Activities & Experiences:

Attend at least four (4) global activities & events, including a minimum of at least one per semester that you are pursuing the GLE. Submit a reflection on your GLE-D2L site after each activity to stay on track with your Capstone Project. Find out more about all of the great Activities and Events happening in our area! More...

Category 4 - Capstone Project:

The capstone is a final summary of your experiences in pursuing the Global Literacy Endorsement. As a starting point, you will keep a journal and reflections while completing the three categories of GLE activities. Finally, in consultation with your GLE coach, you will prepare a summary reflection of your GLE experiences and present it at a global learning event. When completed, the GLE will be posted on your OCC transcript. A full outline of the requirements and expectations are available on the GLE D2L site.