Headcount Enrollment


OCC’s headcount enrollment data comes from OCC’s data warehouse reporting system. Headcount enrollment data references end of the session data, after regular or accelerated terms have completed. The dashboard shows demographic 5 year trend data for Fall, Winter, and Summer terms. The tip tool provides total headcount of the selected term (N), then the actual headcount for the specific variable (n) as well as the percentage of headcount. Filters can be used to drill down into more detailed information on any sub-group.

  • FTIAC: First Time in Any College (FTIAC) students are those who have never attended college before this term.
  • Non-FTIAC: Students who have experienced higher education before this term at OCC or elsewhere.
  • Full-time Student: Student who has enrolled in 12 credits a term for Fall or Winter.
  • Part-time Student: Student who has enrolled in less than 12 credits during Fall or Winter.
  • In-District: Students who reside within Oakland County.
  • Out-of-District: Students who reside in a region outside of Oakland County. This includes anyone out of the county, state, or country.
  • Gender: Self-reported gender in the initial term. If gender is not reported, then it’s unknown.
  • Age: Age at the initial term. If age or birth date is not reported, then it’s unknown.