About the Data

OCC’s top 10 4-year transfer colleges data comes from OCC’s data warehouse reporting system and the National Student Clearinghouse. Top 10 4-year transfer data shows the number of students transferring to these institutions after enrolling at OCC.

  • Transfer: Data were reviewed in the last 5 completed contract years (a contract year is September through August).  If a student attended another institution after OCC within 3 years of attending OCC, they are included in the data.  Transfers mentioned are from OCC to the next institute only, even during the same academic year.  If student transferred to 2 or more institutions as their next step from OCC, all of those next step institutions were included in the transfer data.  
  • Gender: Self-reported gender in the academic year. If gender is not reported, then it’s unknown.
  • Race/Ethnicity: Self-reported race/ethnicity in the academic year.
  • Age: Age during the academic year. If age or birth date is not reported, then it’s unknown.

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