F-1 International Admissions and I-20 Issuance

Application for Admission

All prospective OCC students from other countries must complete an OCC Application for Admission.

Only students planning to apply for a U.S. immigration category known as "F-1" must satisfy other requirements listed below. F-1 international students are those who intend to study full-time in the U.S., complete a degree, and then return to their home country.

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STEP 1: Complete online application

F-1's should complete the Online Application. Enter U.S. address on application if you have one; otherwise, enter your home address.

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STEP 2: Set up your MyOCC account

When your application is processed you will receive two separate emails - One with your OCC Student ID number along with a link to retrieve your username from Admissions and a second email with your Temporary Password from Online Services. 

MyOCC is where you will access your student email account, pre-registration steps, register for classes, payment information, and more.

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STEP 3: Login to F-1 Student Portal

Access the F-1 Student Portal and click on F-1 Requests. Choose your request type and then login with your MyOCC username and password. Complete all sections of the request, including uploading copies of your passport, statement of finances, bank statement and proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, OCC ESL Placement Test).

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STEP 4: Proof of English Language Proficiency 

Student applying within the U.S. instead take the OCC ESL Placement test for admissions purposes. Some student may be eligible to waive the OCC ESL Placement test.

Students applying from outside the U.S. must take the TOEFL or IELTS English test and send an official score report to OCC even if intending to study English as a Second Language (ESL). The OCC TOEFL code is #1607. A minimum score of 20 (internet based) TOEFL and 3.0 IELTS (International English Language Testing system) is required for admissions to the English as a Second Language program.

Contact IELTS  or TOEFL for more information.

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STEP 5: Online Learning Readiness Courses

The Online Learning Readiness Course is required before you can register for any online or hybrid classes. Log into MyOCC and select Online Learning Readiness Course under the Pre-Registration Steps card.

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STEP 6: Complete New Student Orientation online

You must complete New Student Orientation before you register for classes. To access orientation, log into MyOCC and select Pre-Registration Steps, then New Student Orientation. You ONLY have to complete the New Student Orientation and a brief Student Survey at the end. While there are also many Student Lingos that are informative, they are NOT required.

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STEP 7: Meet with a counselor

Make the most of your counseling appointment! Complete Steps 1-4 BEFORE you meet with a counselor.

Use the numbers at the bottom of the Counseling homepage to schedule a Zoom or phone appointment at the closest campus. It is important that you meet with an OCC counselor to review your educational plans and make certain you are on the right path!

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STEP 8: Register for classes via MyOCC

Log into MyOCC and select the Student Planning card. Click on the Plan your Degree & Register for Classes option to search and register for classes.

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STEP 9: Pay your bill

You can pay via:

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STEP 10: Raider One card

The Raider One Card is your Official OCC Student ID. It serves as your Student ID, Library Card, Copy/Print Card and IROC Cash for Raiders Store and Cafe purchases. Your first card is free and replacement cards are $10.00. Upload your picture online or have one taken at the Bookstore on campus.

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STEP 11: Buy your books

You can order and have your books delivered from the Raider’s Store. The Raider Bookstore provides competitive comparisons to get your books!