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MTELP - Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency

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Assessment Information

If you are like most people who decide to attend college, you probably have quite a few questions and concerns as you begin your education. We have designed a Success Seminar for new students to answer your questions and help you begin a successful educational experience. This Success Seminar takes place in two sections - an MTELP and an information session with a counselor.

What is MTELP

MTELP is an  assessment of grammar, vocabulary, and reading implemented at Oakland Community College for determining second language proficiency. YOU CANNOT FAIL THE MTELP. After completing this assessment, you will be better prepared to select classes in which you can be successful. If your results show a need for assistance in meeting academic requirements, we offer a variety of classes and support services. Students who may need readers, interpreters, or other special assistance should contact the Academic Support Coordinator.


Who Takes MTELP

If English is not your primary language or if you grew up speaking English and another language, the MTELP is a more accurate placement for college classes. If your primary language is English, please refer to COMPASS information.

You may be exempt if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You have completed 24 semester credits at another U.S. institution, including courses equivalent to English Composition 1, or an earned associate or higher degree. Please submit a transcript to the Admissions Office.
  • You are enrolling as a guest student from another college where you are enrolled in college level courses. A guest application must be submitted to the Admissions Office. Guest Application must be renewed each semester of enrollment. (High school guest students are not exempt.)


About the Test

The test consist of 100 items. These are divided into three parts:

You will have 90 minutes to finish the entire test. Please review this material and call to reserve your place at the MTELP session.




This is a test to show how well you can recognize and use English grammatical structures. Each question in this test is part of conversation. In each conversation a word (or group of words) is left out. Following the conversation are four choices of words which might be used in the incomplete conversation. You are to select the word for group of words) which would be used by a speaker of English, and which would best fit into the conversation.

"What is  that thing?"
"That _____________________ a spider."

  1. to call
  2. for calling
  3. be called
  4. is called



There are two types of vocabulary items in this test. In the first type you are given a sentence followed by four words or phrases. You are to find the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined word (or words) in the sentence and that could be used in the sentence without changing its meaning greatly.

It's too windy to go for a stroll.

  1. swim
  2. sail
  3. drive
  4. walk

The word 'walk means about the same thing as 'stroll' in this sentence. The sentence "It's too windy to go for a walk." means the same thing as 'It's too windy to go for a stroll.'

In the other type of item you are given a sentence with one word omitted and a list of four words. You are to find the word which best completes the sentence.

Because of the storm and rough waves, it would be foolish to go out sailing today in a small __________________________.

  1. automobile
  2. house
  3. boat
  4. beast

The word 'boat' fits best in the sentence so that it reads, 'Because of the storm and rough waves, it would be foolish to go out sailing today in a small boat."



This is a test to show how well you read. There are four reading passages each followed by five questions about the passage. You should read each passage carefully and then try to answer the questions following that passage. If  you do not know the answer at first, you may read the passage again, but do not spend too much time on one passage or you will not have enough time to finish.

While I was getting ready to go to town one morning last week, my wife handed me a little piece of red cloth and asked if I would have time during the day to buy her two yards of cloth like that. I told her I would be glad to do it. And putting the piece of cloth into my pocket, I took the train for town.

D. The person telling the story is...

  1. a married lady
  2. an unmarried lady
  3. a married man
  4. an unmarried man

You know that the person telling this story is a married man because he says, "...my wife handed me..."

E. When was the author given a piece of red cloth?

  1. In the morning
  2. At noon
  3. In the afternoon
  4. In the evening

The passage says "...one morning last week, my wife handed me a little piece of red cloth..."